Our Approach

What makes us who we are

Our Ambition

To virtually support people of Aotearoa New Zealand to stay well and connect them seamlessly with care when they need it.

Our Values

Underpin all we do, and how we do it.

Motivated by Quality

We aim high every time and provide a quality, high level customer experience

Do the Right Thing

Our people are empowered to make the right decisions and are backed to do this

Pokohiwi ki Pokohiwi

We want to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people who use our services - and with their communities, and health and social providers - to connect them with care seamlessly when they need it

Passion for Better

Continually being the/our best and seeking to do better every time, with every interaction

Our Focus

At the centre of everything we do are representative examples of service users created to ground us and keep us focused on what matters most.